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Hanggliding / Paragliding Online-Contest
World 2005
Daily Score Oertli Adrian
#pt  kmkm/h Take-off locationClubModel of gliderBegin-End 
1114.0130.04.2005CH76.0014.96Amisbühl (CH)The FlatlandersSwing Cirrus 3.221059-1604info 
270.6404.04.2005CH47.1016.75Obere Wengi (CH)The FlatlandersSwing Cirrus 3.221049-1338info 
3111.2702.04.2005CH74.1826.78Obere Wengi (CH)The FlatlandersSwing Cirrus 3.221152-1438info 
424.1813.10.2004CH16.1210.11Castelluccio (IT)The FlatlandersWindtech Serak1116-1251info 
* IGC-File not found for this flight.
scored daily distance : 213.4 km