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Hanggliding / Paragliding Online-Contest
Europe 2005
Daily Score Harb Josef
#pt  kmkm/h Take-off locationClubModel of gliderBegin-End 
1347.4828.05.2005AT (Stk)198.5631.80Schneealm (AT)Deltaclub MürztalA.I.R. / Atos C0953-1607info 
2206.6127.05.2005AT (Stk)118.0630.16Schneealm (AT)Deltaclub MürztalA.I.R. / Atos1105-1500info 
3296.8512.05.2005AT (Stk)169.6341.97Scheffer (AT)Deltaclub MürztalA.I.R. Atos C1014-1416info 
* IGC-File not found for this flight.
scored daily distance : 486.25 km