aerokurier Online-Contest        International 2006
Please submit your flights for a national OLC FIRST. The flights will automatically be copied into the OLC-International. Pilots on holiday submit for the national OLC of the country where the flight takes place.

Some hints, to avoid valiValidation of IGC files

Regulation for OLC 2007 concerning ALL OLC countries, scoring is only possible with IGC files having a positive validation!

Flight claims with files generated from IGC approved flight recorders, these flight claims get a green "V"!

Flight claims with negative validation will not be scored. These flights are displayed in grey letters and without a ranking number in the daily score only.
They get a red "V"!

Flight claims with other than IGC approved flight recorders get a blue "V", provided the generated IGC file gets a positive validation by an OLC approved software!

Motorgliders must use IGC approved flight recorders with activated ENL, otherwise their flights will not be scored.

Pilots participating in the OLC League must use IGC approved flight recorders only!

Validation problems!

To avoid any problems while claiming Your flight, the transfer of data from a FR must happen:

1. by means of an IGC-approved software, to download from URL:

(Exception: Some Cambridgeloggers sometimes need additional work, see next chapter)

2. by means of an OLC approved software, if You dont use an IGC approved flight recorder, to download from a link in the table on top of this page.

3. the transfer from FR to Your PC must not be done in a fast mode (that means without transfer of signature)! For instance with a Volkslogger You must not transfer files by means of the "T" mode but only with <Return> mode!

4. Owners of Cambridge GPSNAV 10/20/25 read next chapter carefully! Users of commercial software should ask their dealer for help and advise in case of getting trouble.

Unfortunately it happens once and a while, that the validation is negative for the following reasons: Changing any item in the IGC-file, this changes the file of course and leads directly to a negative validation. But all these information in the IGC-file, are of no importance for claiming a flight, so there is no reason to change anything!

So please: Never change the contents of an IGC-file, because the validation will be negative!

Cambridge GPSNAV 10/20/25 owners, please read carefully!

Latest change, September 2008

Transferring data from a Cambridge GPSNAV 10/20/25 flight recorder with manufacturers software, generates a CAI-file and an IGC-file, unfortunately this IGC file cannot be validated by the OLC for some reason. Carl Ekdahl developed a little freeware program, that overcomes all the trouble with older GPSNAV loggers.

Note: If You run into any problems, while claiming with any commercial software, please contact the dealer of Your software program for professional help! OLC-HELP cannot give any support for troubleshooting of commercial software problems.

If You wish to get a valid score without any additional help, please follow the instructions below.

I know it is some steps to follow, but the OLC-Admin is not always at hand to do this work for You and so You better give it a fighting chance before Your next 1000 km flight is invalid. I wish You all the best for the next season, great flights and many valid OLC scores,

always Yours


Now let´s go ahead...

  • Step 2: Unzip the file into a directory of Your choice. May be C:\cai2igc\

    Windows users might get a warning, that these file types might contain harmful code, but be sure, this file is rather helpful, to overcome validation troubles.
  • Step 3: Store the CAI file of Your logger in the same directory
  • Step 4: Run CAI2IGC4OLC.exe and look at the result

    If You get the following message:

    Log Data Integrity OK
    Signature Data Integrity OK
    Security OK

    You can find a valid IGC file in this directory

  • Congratulation You have done it!

Cambridge 302 Series

Sometimes IGC files, derived from a Cambridge GPSNAV 300+ Series get a negativ validation. Unless You changed something in the contents of Your file, which makes it invalid anyway, You might get the following message while downloading the file from Your logger:

Log Data Integrity OK
Signature Data Integrity OK
Security FAIL

This may have one of the following reasons:

1. It is presumably a known but unfixable problem with (at least some) Cambridge 302s when they wrap their log memory. The log data is apparently OK, it just gets the signatures wrong and it does not matter how you download the log from the 302, what utility, you use etc. it will be invalid.

The only way to work around this is to clear the memory log. Hopefully Your logger works fine after having done that. If it does not, perhaps the following has happened:

2. Your 302 logger has an internal battery. After years it might be exhausted and has to be exchanged by Your dealer, do not change it on Your own, because the logger must get a new seal to be ready for producing valid IGC files again.




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