Barron Hilton Cup
RULES 2004/2005

1. Only completed triangular flights with a minimum flying distance of 400 kilometers will be accepted. The task has to be declared in the FR before reaching the start point. The flight and the declaration has to be documented with an IGC approved FR approved for "all IGC badge flights and distance diploma".

2. The acceptable triangular course must fulfill the FAI SC3 1.4.6 b i or SC3 1.4.6 b ii. If the acceptable triangular course does not fulfill FAI Sporting Code SC3 1.4.6 b iii, a reduction of 12.5% will be applied.

3. One point per kilometer flown will be awarded for each submitted flight, then adjusted using the BHC handicap factor based on the sailplane used. The handicap factor used for the different regions are shown on the next pages.

4. Pilots may submit any number of flights meeting the criteria; only the highest scoring flight in any class will be counted in determining the winner. A pilot may submit flights only for one region. The pilot has to be a permanent resident of the region the flight is claimed for.

5. The following regions are defined for the competition:

Region 1 All of Europe and all of Asia except Japan.
Region 2 Eastern USA and Canada.
Region 3 Western USA, Central and South America.
Region 4 Australia and Africa.
Region 5 Japan and New Zealand.

For Region 1 the competition is conduced in 5 classes (Open and 18m, FAI 15m, Standard Class, Club Class as defined by DAeC for the DMSt, Doubleseater as defined by DAeC for DMSt). For all other regions the contest is conducted in one class.

6. The flights must be submitted not later than 7 days after end of the soaring performance. The flights have to be submitted by claiming them in the glider or motorglider section at .

7. In the event of a tie, the pilot with the earlier finish time will be the pilot who is listed first in the ranking list. If this does not identify the position in the ranking list, a coin toss by the Competition Director will decide.

8. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Competition Director is final.

9. The competition starts at the 15th of March in even years and ends on the 14th of March two years later.